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Welcome to the Islamic Curriculum Initiative's (ICI) Palestine Curriculum Development Project, where we strive to create a unique and empowering educational experience.

About ICI

Established in November 2023 through collective determination, the Islamic Curriculum Initiative serves as an independent source of guidance for Muslim educators grappling with contemporary challenges. Post-October 7 events highlight an ongoing disparity in the treatment of the oppressed and oppressor. The shift from historical colonialism to modern neo-liberalism prioritizes trade routes over preventing significant loss of life. This points to a unilateral mindset among Western powers marked by double standards and the selective application of international law to advance their agenda.

Palestine Curriculum Development Project

At ICI, we are committed to providing educators with the tools they need to empower students around the world about Palestine and Masjid al-Aqsa. Our mission is to cultivate a generation of knowledgeable and resilient individuals unafraid to challenge dominant narratives.

Through carefully crafted lesson plans, training and resources grounded in an Islamic worldview, we aim to equip educators with the tools to foster critical thinking and a deep understanding of Palestinian heritage and history. Our curriculum development project aims to empower students to navigate their world with confidence and resilience. From the history of Zionism, the creation of Israel, the Nakba and the plight of the Palestinian people, including the events of 7 October and forced starvation, to explaining the concept of Sumud through the olive tree, ICI provides unique lesson plans to help students understand the world around them.

Join us on this journey of empowerment and discovery as we celebrate Palestinian identity and resilience through education.

Our Philosophy

Leveraging Existing Resources with the Wisdom of Hadith Jibril

Explore the transformative journey with ICI – Illuminating Hearts, Strengthening Faith!

In our pragmatic pursuit of educational excellence, the Islamic Curriculum Initiative (ICI) takes a strategic approach. Recognizing the abundance of resources at our disposal, we strive to quickly create lesson plans and activities by leveraging these materials. These resources cultivates in learners the invaluable skills of critical thinking and the innate wisdom to evaluate content through the lens of Islamic values.

With dedication to the service of enlightened learning

Islamic Curriculum Initiative, ICI

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