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Palestine Curriculum Development Project

At ICI, we are committed to providing educators with the tools they need to empower students around the world about Palestine and Masjid al-Aqsa. Our mission is to cultivate a generation of knowledgeable and resilient individuals unafraid to challenge dominant narratives.

Through carefully crafted lesson plans, training and resources grounded in an Islamic worldview, we aim to equip educators with the tools to foster critical thinking and a deep understanding of Palestinian heritage and history. Our curriculum development project aims to empower students to navigate their world with confidence and resilience. From the history of Zionism, the creation of Israel, the Nakba and the plight of the Palestinian people, including the events of 7 October and forced starvation, to explaining the concept of Sumud through the olive tree, ICI provides unique lesson plans to help students understand the world around them.

Join us on this journey of empowerment and discovery as we celebrate Palestinian identity and resilience through education.

Food as a Means of Sustenance, Resilience and Resistance

This curriculum for grades K-12 explores the diverse role of food in Palestinian culture. Through the theme of Food as a Means of Sustenance, Resilience and Resistance, students will explore the cultural significance of the olive tree, the intricacies of food access, and the broader concepts of halal and tayyib choices.

From understanding the rich symbolism of food in the Qur’an to exploring the communal significance of Ramadan and the challenges faced by Palestinian communities, students gain fundamental insights. The curriculum also addresses the complexities of enforced famine and the impact of the Gaza blockade, encouraging empathy and global awareness.

While acknowledging the depth of the subject matter, this curriculum serves as a starting point for students to explore the interconnectedness of food, culture and resilience. Rooted in Islamic values, it encourages reflection on historical instances of compassion and provides inspiration for addressing contemporary humanitarian challenges. The title ‘Food as a Means of Sustenance, Resilience and Resistance’ encapsulates the curriculum’s focus on these central aspects of Palestinian heritage. In particular, it highlights the link between Ramadan and the title/theme, as food abstinence during this month is of great importance in the life of a Muslim.

Masjid al Aqsa and History of Palestine

Zionism, the Creation of Israel, and Implications for the Holy Land of Palestine.

In the spirit of collaboration, we are pleased to announce our partnership with the Heart of the Ummah organization. This collaboration aims to enhance our educational resources and contribute to the broader mission of educating about Al-Aqsa and spreading love for this holy site.

In the heart of every Muslim beats a deep connection to Al Aqsa, a holy site that holds the keys to Israel and Mi’raj. This holy site, located in the heart of Al Quds, holds a unique significance for Muslims worldwide – a symbol of resilience, faith and unity.

Recognizing the pivotal role Al-Aqsa plays in the hearts of Muslims, the Islamic Curriculum Initiative is launching its first project during Al-Aqsa Week. At the heart of this initiative is the cultivation of knowledge and love for Al-Aqsa in the hearts of the younger generations. The aim of our collective efforts is to instill a deep understanding of the Islamic, historical and unifying significance of this blessed place.

We present our first collection of lesson plans and activities, modest in number but testimony to a collaborative spirit of love, compassion and a deep sense of serving Allah. Each lesson plan is a step toward fostering a deep connection to Al-Aqsa, and cultivating an unwavering love that transcends generations and borders.

This endeavor is not merely an educational project; it is a sacred journey, a labor of love and resistance dedicated to preserving our sense of responsibility and iman. Through knowledge and affection, we aim to ensure that the legacy of Al-Aqsa thrives in the hearts of our youth, molding them into proud bearers of our collective Islamic identity and struggle against oppression and colonization of minds and hearts.

May this initiative during Al-Aqsa Week be a means of igniting a flame of love for Al-Aqsa that will inspire generations to come, and may our humble efforts be accepted in the service of Allah (swt).