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Grades 10-12 (Age: 15-17)

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Food as a Means of Sustenance, Resilience and Resistance

In Years 10-12, students explore fundamental concepts such as food as a fundamental right, food security and forced famine. Through a compelling case study of Sultan Abdul Majeed’s aid to Ireland, students will analyze different perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of the responsibilities of leaders.

In addition, teachers will discover a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation that can be adapted to suit their audience. This resource covers topics ranging from food as a means of sustenance and the concepts of halal and tayyib, to building community through food and highlighting the plight of Gaza. Accompanied by notes for teachers, this presentation can also be used as an assembly.

In addition, the section on fasting and Gaza aims to promote empathy and gratitude while encouraging students to consider their role in promoting change and hope. The aim is to help students navigate these critical issues and build resilience.

Masjid al Aqsa and History of Palestine

Zionism, the Creation of Israel, and Implications for the Holy Land of Palestine.