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A Tapestry of Global Commitment


In the spirit of unity and commitment, our team of dedicated volunteers from different corners of the world come together to contribute to this noble initiative. These passionate curriculum developers and educators representing Türkiye, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, South Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Palestine have joined hands to weave a tapestry of enriching education for you.

Their efforts are not just contributions; they are offerings of positive change, building bridges across borders and cultures. In every lesson plan, activity, and carefully curated piece of content, their selfless dedication is evident. They are the heartbeat of our initiative, and we pray that their tireless efforts will resonate in every corner of the world.

May Allah reward the dedication of our contributors. Their commitment is a living testimony to the transforming power of cooperative education.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan

The Islamic Curriculum Initiative Team:


Silma Ihram, MA
Seyed Sheriffdeen, EdD


Rafeen Aarif


Halima Abubakar


Uzma Ahmed, MA
Muhammed Burhan Ahmed, MA, BEd
Shazia Mirza, PhD (ongoing)
Abid Siddiq Omerson, MBA
Sarah Maghrabi, MA

South Africa

Edris Khamissa
Hassen Vally


Zeynep Alp


Fawzia Gilani, PhD
Isa Craig Stewart
Hasina Varachia
Shereen Malherbe (Palestine)


Omaira Alam
Leila Shatara (Palestine), PhD
Shaza Khan, PhD
Seema Imam, EdD
Samar Al Majaideh , PhD (Palestine)
Hameem Rahman, MA

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Aqsa photographs courtesy of Fatimah Bilal Al Faarisah
Photographs by EsmaLuma

Graphic Designer

Syeda Khunsa Batool

Website Support

Usman Shami

In collaboration with Heart of the Ummah

Fatimah Al Faarisah, UK
Heidel Hussain, UK
Mohammed Vahed, South Africa, LLM

With dedication to the service of enlightened learning

Islamic Curriculum Initiative, ICI