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Empowering Minds, Illuminating Hearts:

The Islamic Curriculum Initiative

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

Established in November 2023 through collective determination, the Islamic Curriculum Initiative serves as an independent source of guidance for Muslim educators grappling with contemporary challenges. Post-October 7 events highlight an ongoing disparity in the treatment of the oppressed and oppressor. The shift from historical colonialism to modern neo-liberalism prioritizes trade routes over preventing significant loss of life. This points to a unilateral mindset among Western powers marked by double standards and the selective application of international law to advance their agenda.

Such behavior not only perpetuates injustice but also undermines the very principles of fairness that international law is supposed to uphold. This affirmation has reinforced our conviction, serving as a poignant catalyst for the launch of the Islamic Curriculum Initiative. There is a compelling need for a fundamental reevaluation of the current approach to education, allowing such injustices to persist unchecked and unchallenged by many.

The dawn of 2024 emphasizes the imperative for a paradigm shift away from colonialist-imperialist hegemony. Responding to the urgent need for a transformative approach, a global team of curriculum developers and educators has united to create a curriculum that transcends Western colonialist boundaries rooted in imperialism and neoliberalism. Originating from the Global Association of Islamic Schools (GAIS), this independent initiative is the result of a blessed community committed to excellence in Islamic education.

The Islamic Curriculum Initiative is seeking to equip educators with the necessary tools to raise generations of Muslims capable of navigating and challenging prevalent narratives. Our mission is clear: to empower educators dedicated to fostering resilient Muslim students – individuals unafraid to engage with current events, knowledgeable, and well-prepared for the world. We achieve this systematically by providing teachers with meticulous guidance through step-by-step lesson plans, training sessions, resources, and activities, all grounded in an Islamic worldview. The pinnacle of this comprehensive approach is our ongoing curriculum development, meticulously crafted to cultivate critical thinking and a profound understanding of historical and socio-political contexts through an Islamic worldview, nurturing a new generation increasingly attuned to the colonialist and imperialist narratives prevalent in modern educational materials.

Together, insha’Allah, our goal is to write, rewrite, revitalize, and disseminate carefully curated lessons for educators. ICI remains steadfast in its commitment to inspire, engage, and empower educators worldwide, collaborating with likeminded educators globally to reshape the narrative of education.

ICI aims to transcend the superficial application of Islamic verses and ethics, opting instead for a comprehensive curriculum created from a sound Muslim perspective, by Muslims for Muslims. We embark on a collective journey of unlearning and retraining, welcoming contributions and suggestions from educators worldwide.

Join us on this transformative journey where education becomes a powerful force for positive change. Tawfeeq billah.

With hope and determination,


Our Philosophy

Leveraging Existing Resources with the Wisdom of Hadith Jibril

Explore the transformative journey with ICI – Illuminating Hearts, Strengthening Faith!

In our pragmatic pursuit of educational excellence, the Islamic Curriculum Initiative (ICI) takes a strategic approach. Recognizing the abundance of resources at our disposal, we strive to quickly create lesson plans and activities by leveraging these materials. These resources cultivates in learners the invaluable skills of critical thinking and the innate wisdom to evaluate content through the lens of Islamic values.

Guided by the profound teachings of the Hadith Jibril, ICI seeks to emulate the method by which Jibril (as) imparted wisdom to Muslims across generations through his conversation with the Prophet Muhammad (saw). This unique approach is more than the mere dissemination of knowledge; it is a commitment to fostering enlightened minds and nurturing sound hearts.

The enlightening dialogue between Jibril (as) and the Prophet (saw) serves as our inspiration, imbuing the ICI curriculum with depth, relevance, and a profound connection to Islamic values. By blending existing resources with the transformative spirit of Hadith Jibril, our goal is to illuminate minds and hearts, guiding individuals on the straight path of Islam, Iman, and Ihsan.

Islam encompasses knowledge and skills, providing a comprehensive understanding.
Iman focuses on a student’s beliefs, addressing challenges to those beliefs, fostering certainty, and nurturing a steadfast conviction.
Ihsan guides to taqwa in behavior, attitude, self-improvement, and the softness of the heart. It is a holistic endeavor to embody excellence in every aspect of one’s life.

As we embark on this transformative journey, envisioning education as a service to the Divine and humanity, may Allah (swt) keep us steadfast on the Siraat al Mustakeem.

With dedication to the service of enlightened learning

Islamic Curriculum Initiative, ICI